Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barn Wood China Cabinet: Before & After

I like refinishing hutches. I have a whole folder on our hard drive dedicated to before and after pictures of hutches that we've done. They are straight forward, and they sell really well for us. (BONUS!)

So I don't know why it is that we hate china cabinets. But both Ken and I do. Somehow those simple doors on the front that officially make it a "china cabinet" also turn it into a project from hell. I also have a folder dedicated to before & after pictures of china cabinets. I hope I don't ever have to add another picture to it. I don't want to say, "never" but, I never want to refinish another china cabinet again. Unless it's free. And unless I'm doing it for myself.
Ugly, ugly!
Here's the before of the latest china cabinet that we've redone. It was next to free because the glass shelves on the inside were gone. Buying it we knew we'd have to invest in the expense of replacing them, but we know a guy. ;-) Not really. We know Ace Hardware. They sell and cut glass.

Now, this is the point that I also have to point out the missing pane of glass on the right. I wish I could blame that on the kids. But that was an adult in the house. And not me.

The other pane came out and some chicken wire went in. Because chicken wire definitely goes with what we had planned for this.

Yesterday I posted about how we came upon the jackpot of barn wood. Check out that post (here). Before we even started on this china cabinet we knew that we wanted to add some of the barn wood to it and change the look completely. This is where I get on my soap box and proclaim, "Please do not throw out furniture. Find a way to reuse it. Invest in quality furniture to begin with and you will never need to replace it!"

Ahem, without further ado, the AFTER:

This took over a week to complete. Seriously, it did. With prepping, cutting wood, installing wood, drying wait time, painting, drying wait time, sanding, curing wait time, waxing, hardening wait time, installing chicken wire, and new glass shelves it was a FULL WORK WEEK. The wood is priceless. It cannot be replaced or replicated. This is a one of a kind, truly unique piece. And since I'm never making another one (never say never?), there is only one opportunity to get anything like it from us!

Now THAT'S a makeover! Completely different.

Hope you enjoy the before & after. If you're local and you're interested in purchasing this, please use the icons at the top to contact us. Facebook is the best way!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Barn Wood: The wood that almost wasn't.

The area we live in, a suburb of Atlanta, has changed a lot in the past 25 years. Like, a LOT. It’s not the same place it was when Ken and I grew up. There aren't many open fields left. It’s mostly businesses and neighborhoods and concrete. And more people. And it wasn't. Before.

Atlanta is known for having the native-born people far outnumbered by the transplants. But we've lived here our whole lives, and we know a lot of other people that have, too. So this story is for them. And us. But I have to start from the beginning:

Fort Daniel isn't just the name of an elementary school in Gwinnett County, and Hog Mountain isn't just the name of a road (or two). Fort Daniel was an actual military fort built in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries on Hog Mountain, which was the southern boundary of the Native American hunting grounds.  This area is approximately located on Scenic Highway and in between Old Peachtree Road and Gravel Springs Road. The fort was rebuilt in 1814, but there is some speculation as to whether it was completely rebuilt from the ground up, or rebuilt using the existing structures. For our purposes, it just matters that it’s old.

Recently a barn-type structure located near our home was being demolished. A sign invited anyone that wanted to take whatever wood they liked. And so, being us, we started the process of removing wood.  During our visits there to load up our truck, we talked with the landowner, Mr. Boyce, a few times. He was having the structure removed so that his two sons could build their homes there. Someone was supposed to come demolish the building and haul it away, but those plans didn't work out. And, it turns out, this wasn't just a barn. Mr. Boyce bought the property 25+ years ago, and he was told that at some point in time someone had moved one of the old barracks from Fort Daniel there, and it had been used as a storage barn ever since.

Ken carefully removing pieces of wood from the structure. At one point he was balancing
on a rotten tree stump to get the perfect pieces for me.

This wood that we got, is, at youngest, from the early nineteenth century. Each piece of wood is stunning. On the sides that were exposed to the elements you can see the faint, original green color, places where a “newer” (which may be decades old, as well) whitewash color shows. Mostly there is the much sought-after silver gray color. On the back, the sides that were not exposed, the wood is rich and brown. It is a color that you can only get with time, and a lot of it. This color is enough to move you me emotionally.
This is my favorite piece of wood that we got. Isn't it beautiful?! I'm saving it for something special.

We've taken some of the wood that we collected that weekend and added it to a china cabinet that we've customized. The wood looks weathered and beautiful, but don’t mistake it as fragile and brittle. This wood is rock hard and strong. It has lasted a very, very long time. This wood is our history. It’s special. And it was almost trash.

Here's the china cabinet! I was trying to avoid my reflection, so you have to see it from an angle. ;-)
Ready to be filled with special things!
Ahhh! THIS WOOD is a dream!
This piece is currently available and can be seen by appointment. Use the icons at the top of the page to contact us. 
To learn more about Fort Daniel, Georgia, visit these websites:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Liebster Award Nomination

Thanks to DesignThusiasm for nominating me for a Liebster Award! You're too sweet! The Liebster Award is an avenue for new blogs to be recognized and to help their audience grow, which is basically awesome-sauce.

The Liebster Award rules:
  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 250 followers.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.
Here are 11 random facts about me:
  1. I'm a natural redhead. I'm not currently redheaded.
  2. I've trained myself to be a glass-is-half-full type of person but I wasn't always that way.
  3. I have a twin brother that happens to be an amazing, award-winning artist: http://www.tyrus.co/
  4. I'm very disorganized, but I'm a purger. Which means I accidentally throw a lot of stuff away.
  5. I play the violin and so does my redheaded son.
  6. I am a great secret keeper.
  7. I love the color white, but there are no white rooms in my house.
  8. I am funny.
  9. I can remember anything if it involves music. Thanks Suzuki method.
  10. I love getting mail and/or packages.
  11. I think memory making is very important.
My answers to DesignThusiam’s questions:
  1. What do you want to achieve from blogging? I want to inspire people, both to complete their own DIY projects and to see the value in vintage and antique items. 
  2. What is your dream career? I have it. I love being an antique dealer/DIYer/Blogger/Mom/Wife. Life is good.
  3. What is your favorite place that you’ve traveled to? Savannah. It's not far from where we are (ATL metro), but there's something magical about it. I'm happy there.
  4. Name 3 things you’d like to accomplish in the next few years. I'm always researching, so I hope to just learn more about antiques. Travel abroad. Live through parenting teenagers.
  5. If you could have a talent that you don’t currently have, what would be it? Singing. I can't sing for grits. 
  6. What would you like more of? Time with my kids before they are grown.
  7. What would you like less of? Lima beans.Who needs the nasty buggers?!
  8. If you could have dinner with someone famous, dead or alive, who would it be? Ronald Reagan
  9. Name one thing people would be surprised to know about you? I previously had my own interior design business, but did not love it. So here I am!
  10. How would you describe your style? Confused. No? Okay, feminine country. 
  11. What do you really like about yourself? I'm loyal. 
My nominees for The Liebster Award are the following:
  1. Susan – Rustic Rediscovered – @rrediscovered 
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Here are the 11 Questions for my nominees to answer:
  1. Who do you hope will read your blog?
  2. What inspires you to blog?
  3. What is your very favorite food to put into your mouth?
  4. Fill in the blank. On a rainy day I want to ________.
  5. Where do you go when you want to be alone?
  6. What makes your heart sing?
  7. What random smell grosses you out?
  8. What do you consider to be your greatest talent?
  9. What is one thing you'd like to get better at?
  10. What color makes you happy? 
  11. Your best personality trait?
Thanks for reading and sharing!